Published by: Severn River Publishing
Release Date: February 20, 2024
Pages: 300
ISBN13: 978-1648754951


A missing CIA officer.
A rogue terrorist faction.
A bioweapon more devastating than anything ever seen...
And that's just the beginning.

When a rogue military faction in China kidnaps a CIA case officer, global tensions ignite. Desperate to forestall the looming firestorm, the United States deploys an elite team of Navy SEALs to rescue the agent, protected by nothing but their training and a single pilot providing air cover from his FA-18E Super Hornet-normally, it wouldn't be enough.

But these aren't normal times.and this is no ordinary pilot.

Fresh off his latest mission, TOPGUN pilot Colt Bancroft is tasked with providing air support to the SEALs. But when Chinese jets engage him just as a bioweapon is simultaneously deployed against Colt's aircraft carrier, he realizes this is more than a simple kidnapping: it's a prelude to world war.

Now, aided by Emmy King-an intelligent and beautiful NCIS Agent with a score to settle-Colt will have to use everything he has to figure out who's behind the attacks. And more importantly, how to stop them before they strike again.

It's a race between national security and global catastrophe...and only a man used to flying supersonic has a chance in hell of winning.


"Puts you right up front in the action - in the cockpit and on the ground. Supremely authentic and absolutely unputdownable."
- Marc Cameron, New York Times bestselling author of Breakneck

"Jack Stewart explodes onto the thriller scene with technical expertise and powerful prose reminiscent of the very best of Tom Clancy."
- Andrews & Wilson, International Bestselling authors of the Sons of Valor series

"A reading experience unlike anything else in the genre today, proving once again that Jack Stewart is a name to watch moving forward!"
- Ryan Steck, The Real Book Spy and author of Out For Blood

"Coming in hot with an incredible follow-up to his outstanding debut... Stewart strikes the right balance between Tom Clancy and Top Gun."
- Taylor Moore, Former CIA intelligence officer and author of Ricochet

"Authenticity? Check. Non-stop action? Check. Mind-warping plot twists? Hell yeah! Outlaw delivers the goods at maximum g-force."
- Chris Hauty, author of The Devil You Know

"A storyline right out of today's headlines that will have you on the edge of your seat until the last page."
- Captain Brett Crozier, US Navy Retired, Former helicopter pilot, fighter pilot, commanding officer of a US aircraft carrier, and author of Surf When You Can: Lessons in life, leadership, and loyalty from a Maverick Navy Captain


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